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Tech Salaries in Austin Soar Past Those of New York City and Other Major Metropolises


Hiring platform, Hired, collected data to determine the major metropolises with the highest adjusted tech salaries. Austin, Texas, came in at No. 1, with an average adjusted tech salary of $202,000, which was $20,000 more than the next highest city (Seattle/Los Angeles).

After collecting data from a variety of metropolises, including London, Paris and New York City, the Bay Area was revealed to provide the highest actual salary. However, after determining the value of income when factoring in the deficits of cost of living, the Bay Area dropped to 10th, only higher than New York, Paris and London.

“The most lucrative city for tech workers was in Austin, Texas, where a booming startup scene and low-housing costs resulted in an average adjusted salary of $202,000.”

Michael J.Corin | Quartz

The cost of living adjustments considered, “rent and real estate prices, groceries, transportation, utilities, local taxes, and other variables drawn from the Numbeo database.” All these units were chosen based-off of data collected from 69,000 job seekers, 700 tech workers and 10,000 companies using the Hired platform.

[Via Quartz]

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