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  • Austin Ranks as No. 1 Best City for Veterans to Live

      Our veterans face many challenges when re-entering civilian life — 40,000 veterans don’t have homes and unemployment is an issue. According to WalletHub author Adam McCann, “despite Uncle Sam’s promises to provide health care as well as housing, employment and educational assistance upon their return from service, some cannot secure healthcare, jobs or shelter.” WalletHub conducted... READ MORE

  • Austin is a Top City for Tech Pros Looking to Start their Careers

      According to research by CompTIA, Austin, Texas, is the No. 3 best city for tech pros to jumpstart their careers in due to its affordability and quality of life, among other things. When locating the top 20 best tech towns, researchers analyzed metropolitan areas with the highest demand for tech workers. Then those areas were ranked based off of cost of living, number of open IT... READ MORE

  • New Apple Campus Will Add 5,000 Jobs in Austin

      Apple plans to build a $1 billion campus in Austin that covers 133 acres. Once the expansion is completed, Apple will become the largest private employer in Austin. Located in North Austin, the campus will have room to hire 5,000 new employees, with room to grow up to 15,000 workers. A contributing factor for Apple’s increased presence in Austin may be due to the impressive tech sectors... READ MORE

  • Oracle Corporation Plans to Expand Their Already Booming Campus in Southeast Austin

      Oracle Corporation opened a new campus in Austin this past Spring. It brought many new job opportunities to the city and spanned 560,000 square feet with two buildings. Now, Oracle Corp. is setting the wheels in motion once again with an accelerated plan for expansion. On Aug. 31, Oracle had already received a site plan permit from the city for its second phase, and the expansion is set... READ MORE

  • Austin’s GDP Increased Faster Than Any Other American Metro Economy

      According to an Austin Business Journal article, Austin’s real gross domestic product grew by 6.9 percent in 2017 — 1.7 percent more than any other American metro economy. The Texas capital’s GDP rose to $148.8 billion. Seattle, Washington, cinched the second place behind Austin. The retail and wholesale trade growth in both these cities largely led to their success. William Mellor, the... READ MORE

  • Slumping Home Sales Bode Well for Apartment/Home Renting

      The housing market’s momentum is decreasing, according to an article by The Wall Street Journal’s Ryan Dezember. Sales of existing homes in September dropped 4.1 percent from the previous year, said the National Association of Realtors. This statistic in addition to a handful of others, imply the declining momentum of the housing market. Mortgage rates recently rose to the highest they... READ MORE

  • Austin’s Future Major League Soccer Team is in the Works, Faces Obstacles

      Austin’s journey to having its own Major League Soccer team is well on its way. According to an Austin American-Statesman article, representatives from both sides of the final agreement have no intentions of backing out of the deal. However, the process still faces obstacles and will be ongoing for some time. Currently, the process is seeing a contract in the making. According to city... READ MORE

  • Austin Ranks in Top 10 for US Projected Apartment Deliveries

      Austin is set to welcome 8,837 new apartments this year, the tenth highest number out of U.S. cities within the annual cycle. Austin is one of two Texas cities listed in the top ten list — Dallas-Fort Worth came in second behind New York City. Despite the surge in apartments, rent rates are still increasing nationally. Here in Austin, a handful of reports show our rates rising more... READ MORE


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