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  • Austin: America’s Biggest Boomtown

      In a recent study, MagnifyMoney found the biggest current boomtowns in America, and Austin, Texas, topped the list at No. 1 with a score of 87.8/100. The Texas capital attracts people from across the country because of promising opportunities and a coveted lifestyle. Provo, Utah, and Raleigh, N.C., came in at second and third place. MagnifyMoney looked at the current 100 largest... READ MORE

  • Austin Apartments See Higher Demand, Occupancy, and Monthly Rents

      For the past few years, Austin renters had a break from rising apartment rents. However, this past June, Austin hit an all-time high with rents with $1,278 a month. Charles Heimsath, an Austin-based real estate consultant who tracks the local apartment market said he expects the market to continue going upward. While this is good news for developers, the rising prices are not so good for... READ MORE

  • Internet Job Search Company Indeed Will Be Adding Up To 3,000 New Employees in Austin

      Internet job search company Indeed has signed two leases adding up to 615,000 square feet in no place other than Austin, Texas. Currently having around 1,600 workers in Austin, the company plans to expand this number by 3,000. The company plans to hire employees in a variety of areas, including finance, legal, sales, marketing, corporate development, client success and human resources... READ MORE

  • Austin Ranks in Top Ten Best Cities to Start a Career

      A recent WalletHub article written by John Kiernan explored which U.S. cities qualify as the best locations to start your career out of 180 analyzed cities. As of March 2018, the unemployment rate was at 4.1 percent, making it an opportune time for fresh summer graduates. Austin ranked as the No. 6 best city in which to start a career. Twenty-seven key metrics — including “availability... READ MORE

  • Austin Ranks Second Best City to Start a Business

      According to a WalletHub article written by John Kiernan, more than 15 million people in the United States work for themselves, which is roughly 10 percent of the labor force. In order to help aspiring entrepreneurs maximize their opportunities, WalletHub ranked the best cities in which to start a business. (Researchers analyzed 182 states including the 150 most populated U.S. cities,... READ MORE

  • Austin Helps Lead the South in Best Cities for Jobs, Alongside Dallas

    Forbes has compiled a list of U.S. cities that have proven to be the best locations for jobs. Out of the largest metropolitan areas, the Southern states and the Western were the key players. After years of San Francisco leading the pack, the South has taken over with Dallas-Plano-Irving cinching the No. 1 spot, and Austin coming in at second place.   With a detailed methodology, Forbes... READ MORE

  • Austin: The Strongest Metropolitan Economy in the Nation

      According to a new study analyzing two dozen metrics over a 20-year period, Austin has the strongest economic strength in America, ranked first out of 383 metropolitan statistical areas. The study, conducted by POLICOM company, collected data from 1997-2016. Napa, California, was the second ranked metropolitan area, behind Austin. The only other Texas economy to break the top ten... READ MORE

  • Oracle Founder Larry Ellison: ‘Austin is one of the key places we want to be’

      In a recent statement, Oracle founder Larry Ellison predicted that Austin’s Oracle campus will increase to as many as 10,000 employees in the next few years, as Oracle has big plans and Austin is where he believes “our people want to be.” The Austin Oracle campus is a fairly new 560,000 square foot waterfront building that was opened in January on Lady Bird Lake. In its first few months... READ MORE


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