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  • Texas Experiences 27 Consecutive Months of Employment Growth

      According to a Texas Workforce Commission report in October 2018, Texas’ seasonally adjusted unemployment rate dropped to a record low of 3.8 percent, the lowest it’s been in four decades. In the month of September alone, the construction industry added 3,000 jobs, the manufacturing industry added 2,800 positions, and mining and logging employment grew by 2,600 positions.  ... READ MORE

  • Austin’s Economy Has Best Growth of U.S. Metro Areas in 2017

      According the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the Austin–Round Rock area was the country’s fastest-growing large metro area last year. Austin’s economy grew by an impressive 6.9 percent, and the regions output of goods and services was up from $135.98 billion in 2016 to $148.75 billion in 2017. Bernard Weinstein, a Southern Methodist University economist, said Austin’s expansion is very... READ MORE

  • Texas Ranked Third U.S. State for International Homebuyer Sales

      From April 2017 to March 2018, international homebuyers in the Texas real estate market added $10.89 billion to the Texas economy, according to the Texas Homebuyers Report released by Texas Association of Realtors. The report also revealed that Texas is the No. 3 state in the country for international home sales, Florida and California coming in at first and second. According to the... READ MORE

  • Austin Ranked Second in the Country for Apartment Growth

      In less than two decades Austin’s apartment inventory saw a 75 percent growth rate, contributing to the Texas’ capital having the second highest apartment growth rate in the country, second only to Charlotte, North Carolina. While inventory growth and the number of added apartment units correlates, it is only loosely. For example, while Austin’s number of added units has grown since 2000... READ MORE

  • Austin Job Market Thrives, Dubbed the No. 1 City Attracting New Workers

      As of July 2018, Austin’s job market hiring was up 14.3 percent from the previous year. The city’s strong market has brought more and more people into Texas’ capital. In fact, Austin is the No. 1 city attracting the most workers, according to the LinkedIn Workforce Report. Incoming workers are mainly migrating into the city from Houston, San Francisco and New York, among other cities.... READ MORE

  • HomeAway’s Presence in Austin Grows, Brings Jobs

      In late July, vacation rental company HomeAway announced the opening of yet another office in Austin, which will lead to a total of six offices in the Texas capital. The new office will be located at 11501 Domain Drive, Ste. 100, Austin, and will cover 200,000 square feet. HomeAway also has a 16-story office building under construction, which will open in 2019 and will complete a three-... READ MORE

  • Austin Leads the South as One of the Best Cities for Jobs in 2018

      According to Forbes annual ranking of the best cities for jobs, Austin and Dallas led the south for 2018. For years, San Francisco and its tech driven area has topped the list, however, Dallas secured the No. 1 spot this year, while Austin came in at No. 2. With a widely known booming tech industry, it may not come as a surprise that Austin tops the list, however, the city’s impressive... READ MORE

  • City of Austin Will House the Army’s New High-Tech ‘Futures Command’

      In mid-July the Army chose the Texas capital out of 150 nationwide cities as the new location for their “Futures Command.” Some of the finalists included Boston, Philadelphia, Minneapolis and Raleigh, North Carolina. The organization will be headed by a four-star general and will oversee “the planning and purchasing of everything from futuristic helicopters to direct-energy weapons that... READ MORE


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