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Internet Job Search Company Indeed Will Be Adding Up To 3,000 New Employees in Austin


Internet job search company Indeed has signed two leases adding up to 615,000 square feet in no place other than Austin, Texas. Currently having around 1,600 workers in Austin, the company plans to expand this number by 3,000.

The company plans to hire employees in a variety of areas, including finance, legal, sales, marketing, corporate development, client success and human resources fields. This planned growth, which will occur over several years, will make the company one of the largest tech employers in the Austin area.

Indeed has signed two leases for office space both in the Domain, and in Downtown Austin. Downtown, the high-rise is expected to be completed by 2021, and Indeed will occupy the top ten floors for office space. As for the Domain location, Indeed is expected to move into the Domain Tower by late 2018.

“While we have expanded all over the world, Austin has really been the bedrock of that growth … We’re doing (this) because we believe that the business as a whole will continue to grow, but also that Austin will continue to be a great home to support that growth.”

Chris Hyams | Indeed President

Indeed is just one of many companies expanding in Austin as the city offers an impressive location for tech industries and growth. Other companies that have signed leases for office space Downtown or in the Domain are Google Inc., FaceBook, and HomeAway.

[Via Austin American-Statesman]

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