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Austin Ranks in Top Ten Best Cities to Start a Career


A recent WalletHub article written by John Kiernan explored which U.S. cities qualify as the best locations to start your career out of 180 analyzed cities. As of March 2018, the unemployment rate was at 4.1 percent, making it an opportune time for fresh summer graduates. Austin ranked as the No. 6 best city in which to start a career.

Twenty-seven key metrics — including “availability of entry-level jobs” and “average commute time” — were used for the study. Each metric fell under one of two main topics: professional opportunities and quality of life, the first offering 70 points, and the latter offering 30, to make a total of 100 possible points. Austin earned an overall score of 60.24, and a professional rank and quality life ranking of 6 and 5 respectively (the most well rounded scores in the top ten).

As a bonus to aid recent graduates or people looking to start a new career path, Kiernan asked a panel of five experts to weigh in on how exactly one can choose a suitable career path.

These are the following questions answered:

“What tips do you have for job seekers who are applying for jobs in a different city?

What can city policy makers and corporations do to attract and retain recent graduates?

Do you have any tips for turning an entry-level job into a long, successful career?

What is the biggest career mistake that young people make?

In choosing a city to start a career, what are the top five indicators?”

(The experts’ responses to these questions can be found in the original article)

John Kiernan | WalletHub

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