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Austin Ranks Third Best Large City to Live In


According to a WalletHub article written by Adam McCann urban cities make up less than 3 percent of U.S. landmass and yet hold 80 percent of the total U.S. population. Sixty-two of the largest U.S. cities were evaluated to determine the best in which to live, factoring in positives and negatives, such as high cost of living and range of opportunities.

Austin earned 63.24 points in total, cinching the #3 ranking behind Virginia Beach and Seattle, WA. The cities were measured based off five main topics: affordability, economy, education and health, quality of life, and safety. All categories include subtopics worth 20 points each — such as violent crime rate, music venues, and life expectancy.

Austin only scored 0.39 points behind the #1 ranked city (Seattle).

However, author McCann notes that there are also questions that potential movers must ask themselves when searching for a suitable city to live. He asked a panel of experts to give their opinions and advice on the following questions...

“What are the most important financial factors to consider when deciding where to live?

What is the biggest mistake people make when planning a move to a new place?

What steps should a person taken to determine if an area is right for him or her to move to?

Is it always a good idea to rent before buying in a new area?

What can local policymakers do to attract and retain new residents?”

(The experts’ responses to these questions can be found in the original article)

Adam McCann | WalletHub

There are a handful of qualities that determine whether a city is a good place to move. Austin shined once again as the city tied for first place for “highest income growth.”

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Ellen and the entire team at Muskin Commercial have been an invaluable resource as our company has entered and created a footprint in the Central Texas marketplace. Their guidance and support led us through a well informed entry into Austin, and their continued support and assistance has been unparalleled as we’ve continued to expand our portfolio.