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Austin Ranks as No. 1 State Capital to Live


According to a WalletHub article written by Adam McCann, state capitals can either provide a wonderful city to live in, while others may be rampant with poverty or other negative qualities. In a thorough analysis of which state capitals double as the best places to find a home, WalletHub gave Austin, Texas, the No. 1 ranking out of all 50 state capitals.  

Fifty-one key metrics — including “Violent Crime Rate” and “Quality of Public Hospital System” — were used to grade the capitals. Each key metric falls under one of four main topics: Affordability, Economic Well-Being, Quality of Education & Health and Quality of Life. Each topic respectively can earn a city a total of 25 points to add up to 100 points overall. Austin earned an impressive overall score of 67.73, which is 3.06 points higher than the next best candidate (Madison, Wisconsin).

However, in any city, there are setbacks as well as perks. A panel of 15 experts gave insight on what it is like to live in a state capital, and what indicators determine a high-quality state capital city. The questions they answer are listed below and the replies can be found in the original article.

1. What are the benefits and drawbacks to living in a state’s capital city?

2. In evaluating the best state capitals to live in, what are the top five indicators?

3. How does exempting government buildings from local property taxes affect the fiscal well-being of capital cities?

4. Are residents of capital cities more likely to be politically engaged, all else equal?

Adam McCann | WalletHub

The article also ranks Texas’ state capital, Austin, as being in the top five for highest median household income (adjusted for cost of living), highest percentage of adults with Bachelor degrees or higher, lowest premature death rate, most attractions, and the highest percentage of millennial newcomers.

[via Wallethub]

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