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Austin Named Among Top Ten Most Educated US Cities


According to WalletHub author Adam McCann, “higher levels of education tend to lead to higher salaries” within a city, and people tend to marry individuals of the same educational level. However, where educated people decide to live is all over the map, whether it is a huge city with a large population or a city with many similarly educated people.

WalletHub conducted research to determine where the majority of educated people are putting their degrees to work. Austin ranked No. 8 with a score of 66.14 out of 150 analyzed cities. The cities were scored based off two main criteria: Educational attainment and Quality of education & attainment gap.

The latter being worth 20 points, and the first worth 80 points, the two topics add up to a total possible score of 100 points. Each category is comprised of subtopics, such as quality of public school system and share of adults aged 25 & older with a bachelor's degree or higher.

As the beginning of the article states, education is a decent factor in the economic wellbeing of a city. McCann asked a panel of experts to give their opinions and advice on how a city can promote educational development and advancement by asking the following questions:

“Should local authorities target policies and programs to attract highly educated people? If so, what works?

Are highly educated cities better able to withstand economic shocks?

In your opinion, what is the most important step we can take as a country to develop a more educated and skilled workforce?

Will the Trump administration’s proposed education budget cuts — to student loans, after-school programs and teacher training, for instance — increase or decrease the level of education inequality among cities?

How can the U.S. reform its immigration policy in order to attract and retain highly educated workers from abroad?”

(The experts’ responses to these questions can be found in the original article)

Adam McCann | WalletHub

Education is an important part of determining a city’s economic success. Whether people are coming to Austin to attend the University of Texas, or seeking employment post-graduation from other institutions, with a top ten ranking, the city proves once more it deserves to stand out on the map.

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