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Austin Leads the South as One of the Best Cities for Jobs in 2018


According to Forbes annual ranking of the best cities for jobs, Austin and Dallas led the south for 2018. For years, San Francisco and its tech driven area has topped the list, however, Dallas secured the No. 1 spot this year, while Austin came in at No. 2.

With a widely known booming tech industry, it may not come as a surprise that Austin tops the list, however, the city’s impressive job growth rate (3.4% last year and 39% since 2006) is surprisingly diversified. For example, a huge influencer on Austin’s job growth comes from professional and business services.

Austin also benefits from a strong population growth. Last year alone, the city had the strongest population increase/domestic in-migration in the country for a city with over a million citizens.

“This population growth has translated into many things, most particularly growth in retail sales, construction jobs, financial services and trade, helping boost diverse jobs growth.”

Joel Kotkin | Forbes

For a detailed analysis of the remaining cities on the list reference the original article here, which also includes a detailed explanation on Forbes’ methodology.

[Via Forbes]

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