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Austin Job Market Thrives, Dubbed the No. 1 City Attracting New Workers


As of July 2018, Austin’s job market hiring was up 14.3 percent from the previous year. The city’s strong market has brought more and more people into Texas’ capital. In fact, Austin is the No. 1 city attracting the most workers, according to the LinkedIn Workforce Report.

Incoming workers are mainly migrating into the city from Houston, San Francisco and New York, among other cities.

According to the LinkedIn Workforce Report for Austin, the city has both large skills shortages and surpluses. The top five areas in which Austin needs more workers are oral communication, business management, leadership, digital literacy and social media.   

“Austin’s thriving tech scene is a big magnet, as indicated by large skills shortages in development tools and data storage technologies. But the city also has severe shortages in non-domain-specific skills like oral communication and digital literacy.”

Economic Graph Team | LinkedIn

For a description of LinkedIn’s report methodology, reference the original study here.

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Ellen and the entire team at Muskin Commercial have been an invaluable resource as our company has entered and created a footprint in the Central Texas marketplace. Their guidance and support led us through a well informed entry into Austin, and their continued support and assistance has been unparalleled as we’ve continued to expand our portfolio.