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Austin Has the Fourth Best Market for STEM Professionals


According to a WalletHub article written by Richie Bernardo, “Given their growing demand, STEM careers today comprise some of the most lucrative employment, paying higher salaries and boasting far fewer threats of unemployment compared with other types of jobs.” In a thorough analysis of which cities provide the best markets for STEM — science, technology, engineering and math — professionals, WalletHub gave Austin, Texas, the No. 4 ranking out of the 100 biggest U.S. metropolitan areas.

Seventeen key metrics — including “Job Openings for STEM Graduates per Capita” and “Disparity of Women Vs Men in STEM Occupations” — were used to grade the cities. Each key metric falls under one of three main topics: Quality of Life, STEM-Friendliness and Professional Opportunities. They respectively can earn a city a total of 33.33 points to add up to 100 points overall. Austin earned an impressive overall score of 65.15.

However, working in STEM can also pose challenges for graduates and professionals. A panel of five experts gave advice on how the STEM field can grow, how to seek a job in the field, and more. The questions they answer are listed below and the replies can be found in the original article.

“How do STEM graduates perform in the labor market relative to graduates from other fields?

According to recent census figures, the majority of STEM graduates do not ultimately work in a STEM occupation. Why is that the case?

How can the U.S. stay ahead of other countries in attracting and training the best STEM professionals?

In evaluating the best cities for STEM professionals, what are the top five indicators?

How can local authorities make their cities more appealing to STEM graduates and technology companies?

How can government, employers and educators increase the number of women and minorities in STEM fields?”

Richie Bernardo | WalletHub

The article also ranks Austin-Round Rock as having the third highest quality of engineering universities.

[via Wallethub]

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